Sunflower seed oil

This oil improves heart health and lowers cholesterol: Eating high-quality oils that contain omega-6s and -9s can help you get the right balance of omega fatty acids.

It strengthens your immune system: Sunflower seeds and their oil are full of antioxidants, like vitamin E and tocopherols, that help fight off free radicals. This, in turn, allows your immune system to function as it’s supposed to, supporting your overall health and improving your ability to fight off colds and other illnesses.

Sunflower boosts energy: Saturated fats can make you sluggish. Sunflower seed oil is high in healthy, unsaturated fats which support your body’s energy production.

It’s important to eat fats in moderation, as they do contain more calories than other nutrients. Fat is fuel for your body and your brain, you just need the right kinds.

Sunflower oil improves skin clarity and moisturizes dry skin: It’s rich in vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, good for fighting off free radicals.This helps skin stay clear and bright. Sunflower oil can be used topically to improve dry skin and treat skin irritations. It’s one of the main reasons why cosmetic companies are increasingly marketing sunflower oil as an ingredient in their products.

It reduces inflammation: Sunflower seeds contain tryptophan, which can work to numb pain, which is why sunflower oil can be used as a mild pain reliever. It also contains methionine, which works to relieve your pain at the source.

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